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NZ Luxury Bidets

These luxury electronic Bidet toilet suites are ergonomically designed, with all the features you would expect in a luxury Bidet including
heated seats and seat sensors.

The Throne range all in one toilet and bidet comes with ergonomic heated seat, siphon water jet.
The bidet part of the Echo Throne is one of the most advanced units using a 1 pocket 3 way nozzle, hi-tech wireless remote where you can
adjust the bidet seat temperature, bidet nozzle position, water pressure and temperature as well as turn on the bidet fan drier.


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What is the Electric Bathroom Bidet ?

Good Health with Personal Hygiene Toiletry Products!

Feel clean and comfortable, fresh and confident with the Electric Bathroom Bidet. It's a whole new experience in healthy lifestyle habits. With its advanced design and safety monitoring features this bidet is an invaluable aid to essential personal toiletry hygiene.

  • Installs in minutes
  • Ergonomic design
  • Latest wide spray technology to suit individual needs for cleansing
  • Optimized twin nozzle system for choice between rear cleansing and feminine hygiene
  • Purifying filters for healthy cleansing
  • Air dryer that softly and gently dries you
  • Self-diagnosis function; if any malfunction did occur
  • Heated seating
  • Soft closing lid

The bidets are....An invaluable aid to personal hygiene

What is a bidet?

The Electric Bidet is a hands free low-mounted plumbing fixture that washes and cleans the genitalia, perineum, inner buttocks, and anus. The bidet is designed to sit on top and attach to your toilet, replacing your existing toilet seat. It can be installed in just minutes and all the parts required are included, with easy to follow instructions. The only thing that you will have to do, after connecting the plumbing, is to plug the electrical unit into a wall socket. And if you don't want to do it yourself, any handyman or plumber can install your bidet in a few minutes!

Who can use a bidet?

Anyone! This product is designed for men and women, families, the elderly or impaired who want healthy and hygienic lifestyle habits. The bidet is an excellent product for women who want more effective feminine hygiene and wanting to feel fresh during monthly menstrual cycles. Both men and women would enjoy experiencing the cleansing and freshening functions of a bidet before and after sexual activities. The Bidet can provide relief to those suffering from haemorrhoids, difficult bowel movements and those recovering from surgery. Because the bidet is a hands free device, it is beneficial to both healthy and less able-bodied people. It is popular among senior citizens, the disabled, and those with impaired motor functions or unable to control their bodily functions. By reducing the need for personal assistance during every aspect of the toiletry process, it helps to restore a sense of dignity and independence for thousands of Australians! The warm water cleaning the designated area and the dry air cleaning means that there is no need for toilet paper or assistance if the user is impaired. Importantly, the bidet will give any user the feeling of being truly clean and fresh.

Never feel cold in the morning again!

Our bidet has heated seating! A soft closing seat and lid! And ergonomically designed!
3 Options to choose from for heated seating comfort! Hydraulic dampers are installed at the hinges to allow the seat to close softly!

Clever and Healthy Technologies

How does it work?

Our bidet has the latest in advanced design and safety features! It features the latest in wide spray technology for 3 choices of cleansing for superior and hygienic bottom cleaning. It has twin cleansing nozzles for individual choice between rear bottom washing and exclusive ladies cleansing nozzle for the vagina area.

Instant warm water sprays wash the designated area at the temperature you want and for as long as needed. This is followed by the gentle warm air dryer! You control the temperature of how warm you would like the air-drying to be; for delicate and refreshing finishes suited to your needs. A move function is included for delicate cleansing. The Electric Bathroom Bidet has a self-diagnosis function where the LED on the operation panel blinks to alert the user when a malfunction is detected. It has an Auto power saving mode for energy conservation!

Engineered for safety in wet environments!

Nano silver ceramic filter for water purification

The silver ceramic ball filter is made of naturally sterilizing elements that ensures the water used for cleansing in the bidet is pure and clean! Featuring natural substances, a silver ceramic ball has the ability to resist bacteria and disinfect during the water purification process, resulting in more sanitary water in the bidet.

Wide Water Stream
The 4-way valve system, adjusts the water stream to be perfectly customized for individual needs. The Wide Wash Stream gives you the choice between 3 different levels of spray, from a straight linear spray for intensive cleansing to a more fountain-type gentle wide spray. A special nozzle controls the distribution of the water stream, enabling precise management of location and water stream strength, with a Move function so that the nozzle traverses back and forth for delicate cleansing.

Air + Water Stream
The bidet uses efficient and smart technology that combines air bubbles, to make the cleansing all the more powerful, while reducing water consumption by fifty per cent. The air pump inserts air bubbles into the cleansing water, and smoothes the stream of pure filtered water for the bidet. The air bubbles in the streamn, help skin become clean. The Air dryer then dries you with a gentle temperature controlled air flow every time you use it. This leaves you feeling fresh and clean! No amount of toilet paper can clean you as well as the washing and drying functions performed by an electronic bidet.

This product is designed for safety, comfort and ease of use!

What are the health benefits?

Well being through essential personal hygiene in everyday life...

One of the most effective ways to protect ourselves and others from illness is good personal hygiene. What this means is that you will stay healthy and feel refreshed by preventing illness through effective washing and bathing using the bidet. Minute areas within skin folds, often go untouched by toilet tissue cleaning. This can lead to an ideal propagation area for bacteria. The bidet can reach these areas and remove potential threats to health. For the infection prone, the hygienic advances of the bidet with its gentle cleansing actions helps reduce their risk or prevent the spread of disease to others. The bidet is highly recommended by health specialists for use by both men and women. According to the National Institute of Health, about half the U.S population who are over 50 have anal or rectal diseases. Studies have shown that using a bidet can decrease the incidence of Urinary tract infections and promote a healthy and comfortable life.

Thorough and responsible toiletry hygiene can act as prevention and treatment of rectal diseases!

Good health and benefits to the environment too!

Be Green! Reduce consumption of toilet paper on our environment!

Agents on toilet paper can cause possible transmissions of bacteria, as well as adding more pollutants to our environment through its use and manufacturing processes. The bidet is a personal cleansing method utilizing a stream of pure filtered water, which is more hygienic and beneficial than toilet paper.

This means there is no need for toilet paper! Often toilet paper is not effective in cleaning genital and rectal areas. Toilet tissues are sometimes insufficient to thoroughly clean you from stool and faeces can remain in the pores of your skin. Toilet paper can often be harsh on gentle skin and encourage the proliferation of bacteria and parasites. The warm water washing and air-drying of a bidet stimulate the surrounding capillaries increasing blood circulation, reducing pain and creating a smoother bowel movement. The sensitive areas of rectal region can be washed off thoroughly.

The Bidet is Mindful of Our Environment, Health, and Future! It uses about 2 glasses of water per average wash. You use 4 times this amount when you wash your hands. To produce toilet paper a lot of water, chemicals and dioxins are used in the manufacturing process. If you don't use toilet paper, you will save money by not having to buy it every week, and you will also be doing your part in reducing the pollution generated by the manufacture of toilet paper and its disposal in our sewerage systems.

It's good for the environment!

Is the Bidet safe to use on a septic system?

Yes. As no toilet paper products are required and the water is purified by the in built filtration system, the installation of our bidet system is probably the best thing for your septic system.

REFINED DESIGN- Simple and elegant design improves the appearance of your bathroom!

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